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About Customs IQ and eCustoms

Customs IQ is the 170 country tariff solution enjoyed by more than 35,000 users around the world.

Besides Customs IQ, eCustoms offers a full complement of world-class foreign trade compliance solutions and services.

eCustoms has been providing world-class online and integrated Foreign Trade Compliance Solutions for more than 30 years. You'll find eCustoms solutions at work in companies and organizations around the globe, relied on and trusted for accuracy, depth, and ease of use.

The eCustoms Visual Compliance suite includes restricted party screening solutions; export control classification, license determination and management; import and export documentation and electronic filing; trade agreement management; and Customs IQ — Harmonized Tariff Schedules, Rulings, Statutes, Regulations and Resources.

eCustoms also offers a full range of complementary compliance services including national and international watch list content, screening and resolution services, and integration services.

Customs IQ Solutions offer cost-effective management of tariff and compliance obligations for 170 countries around the globe.

Customs IQ was first launched in 1988 to assist companies with the work of transitioning to their country's implementation of the WCO Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS). Since then the adoption of the Harmonized Tariff is such that it now forms the basis of the Customs Tariffs of some 190 countries around the world — some 98% of all international trade. International-scale changes occur every five years, large scale national changes annually at a minimum, and sporadic changes are scattered throughout the year.

Customs IQ software and global trade data content services have helped companies like yours economically and reliably solve their cross-border and international trade operational and compliance issues with two complementary solutions:

  1. Online Harmonized Tariff and Foreign Trade Intelligence
  2. Trade Data Services for Harmonized Tariff schedule content

Quality, Reliability and Currency

For most companies, keeping up with tariff amendments, new and revoked rulings, and regulatory changes is an ongoing effort! One that's essential to staying competitive and compliant.

That's why quality and currency is so important.

You can rely on our quality. And on our years of expertise meticulously maintaining the content of 170 national Customs regimes around the world for your use — day in, day out, year after year. We ensure it with:

  • A dedicated team of development specialists delivering high-performance function, feature, search, and trade data service enrichments
  • Full time research analysts ensuring the accuracy and currency of all tariff and regulatory content, and
  • Support staff who roll out training videos and immediately attend to client support needs.

With 35,000 users across industries and company sizes, Customs IQ was built for classification experts and novices alike. That's why it's a key resource for large-scale import, export and compliance departments, customs lawyers, consultants, customs brokers and forwarders, domestic businesses and a rapidly growing number of internet shopping sites.

We'd love to welcome you.

Call Customs IQ toll-free at 1 (877) 328-7866, or for prompt call-back use the Contact form.

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