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ECCN, Tariff Classification and Duty Rates for your Cross-Border and International Sales

The trade content and tools you need to classify your goods with their export ECCN or import harmonized tariff classification numbers, find duty rates, and calculate landed costs.

Studies show that taking the guesswork out of the additional import duty and tax costs increases the chances of making cross-border or international sales on your eCommerce or Internet shopping sites, especially in crowded markets! As well, providing your on-line shoppers with accurate landed cost estimates has been shown to reduce returns, and encourage repeat business.

Even if your business model excludes being the importer of record and controlling deliveries to door, efficient and economical shipping has become a necessity.

  • At a minimum, you need to classify your goods for export
  • Going that extra mile, you'll also want to classify your goods according to the import tariff of your customer's country

Trade Content and Web-Based Tariff Classification Tools

So how do you efficiently and economically get the information and tools you need to power import and export tariff classification and calculation of landed costs?

It's simple, contact us. Customs IQ provides the technical content you need to accurately calculate landed costs. As well as the world's most popular web-based site to help you classify your goods for export or import into more than 170 different markets.

Customs IQ solutions will keep you up to date with the latest trade content, easily and affordably.

Call 1 (877) 328-7866, or for a prompt call-back use the Contact form.

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