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Online Tariff Classification Solution

The most cost-effective Harmonized Tariff Classification and Customs Intelligence Solution. Bar None.

Our Customs IQ platform is a content-rich and easy-to-use online international trade / Customs intelligence and tariff classification solution. It's also available as an integrated trade content service subscription to power your global trade management application, eCommerce solutions or on-line shopping sites.

Customs IQ™ Online Solution

Our Customs IQ online solution provides the information you need to accurately classify your goods for import and export purposes, determine the applicable HTS codes, and find standard and preferential duty rates. With 170 countries and counting, the Customs IQ online tariff classification software solution is accurate, current, comprehensive and economical.

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The Regulatory Trade Content You Need — in Quick ReachRight at Your Fingertips

According to the Working Council of CIOs, knowledge workers spend 35% of their productive time searching for information online. Customs IQ tariff classification software works hard to help you keep your research time within bounds.

With powerful search tools, easy navigation of invaluable trade content, and result formats that make sense, our tariff classification software is an indispensable tool for organizations concerned with the intricacies of foreign trade and foreign trade compliance.

From international and cross-border sales, sourcing and purchasing, to determining import/export requirements, tariff classifications, duty rates, and updating information databases, our tariff classification software has the information, up-to-date documents, references, and trade content you need:

  • Tariff classification software and research tools that leverage powerful proprietary advanced technologies
  • Includes a comprehensive library of Customs tariffs, rulings, preferential trade agreements, and regulatory resources
  • Tariff schedules, VAT rates, contacts and other relevant trade content for more for 170 countries
  • Optional international trade content services to power your global trade management systems

Software That's Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

The Customs IQ design and architecture supports rapid uptake — so experts and novices alike can enjoy its benefits on first use.

  • Powerful search features support quick navigation through tariffs, HTS codes, and supporting materials
    • Increasing efficiency, throughput and accuracy
    • Decreasing research time and cost
  • Includes a full video library of tutorials

Tariff Classification Software Engineered for Accuracy, Quality and Reliability

For accuracy, quality and currency, you can rely on Customs IQ mature and polished research, development and delivery methodologies.

Content rich, easy to use, accurate, reliable and always up to date — all key elements for quick, accurate tariff classification and determination of HTS codes and duty rates.

Why pay more for lower quality or less convenience and versatility?

Get started today with the most effective Harmonized Tariff Classification and Customs Intelligence solution! Call our Customs IQ group toll-free at 1 (877) 328-7866 to try out our HTS code lookup, tariff classification and trade content software for free. Or, for prompt call-back use the Contact form.

Customs reviews of compliance audits identify the area with the highest non-compliance error rate involves HTS codes and Tariff Classification.
Australian Customs, 2009
Canadian Customs, 2011

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