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What our clients say about Customs IQ

Our gratitude to the many fine people who have contributed to the enrichment of Customs IQ over the years: we appreciate your ideas and insights. Thanks also to those who have chosen to express their appreciation in writing; here is a small sampling.

  • "Customs IQ has everything I need, and then some. There's things I didn't know I needed to look at when checking our broker's classification. I like the other stuff it has too. I don't always need it, but when I do, boy, it's sure handy to have it all in one place and easy to find."

    Import Coordinator
    Los Angeles, CA

  • "We have a lot of staff, from junior customs brokers to senior consultants, and they tend to work differently. So getting a system that had user flexibility was a key issue for us. Besides being accurate and reliable (we've come to take that for granted), it accommodates the different knowledge levels and different cognitive styles of our people. It's one of the main reasons Customs IQ works so well for us."

    Aurelia Wong, Manager
    Customs Broker
    Toronto, Canada

  • "As soon as there's a change in duty rates .... it's there. Marvelous really."

    Legal Counsel
    Chicago, Ill

  • "We've used it for more than a decade, and it's helped us recover hundreds of millions of dollars in overpaid duty for our clients. Along with a dictionary, product literature, and access to a product engineer from time to time, it's all the resource we need."

    Michael Smith
    Manager Duty Recovery Services
    Toronto, Canada

  • "Our IT department had its budget slashed. But we still needed to manage infrastructure, and that includes content. Finding cost-savings like those offered by Customs IQ has been a significant help."

    Scott Radley,
    IT Manager
    Dallas, TX

  • "It's powerful, comprehensive and totally reliable. I feel very secure about withstanding Customs scrutiny on the issues it helps us with."

    L. Brislinger, Customs Manager

  • "We love it. It's so easy to use that it didn't take our junior staff long to become really proficient at tariff classification. We've seen some significant savings as a result."

    Jason Fraser, International Trade Compliance Manager
    New Brunswick, Canada

  • "Excellent support. Really concise explanations. Your guys really know their stuff!"

    Customs Coordinator
    London, England

  • "Real value. It's about a quarter of the cost of its nearest competitor and just as good."

    International Trade Consultant
    New York, NY

  • "It's an integral part of our compliance program. Because so much depends on it, tariff classification has a lot to do with compliance. With Customs IQ we have more than just the information though, we have some very good tools and processes that we use across divisions."

    Director, International Compliance
    East Aurora, NY

  • "I am pleased with the way Customs IQ encourages and facilitates due diligence. The structure is there, and we follow it."

    Customs Manager
    Rochester, NY

  • "We've used it for ages. The bottom line is that the duty recovery specialists don't make any money on us, and our internal and external audits are fast and clean."

    International Trade Compliance Manager
    Glenview, IL

  • "It's really lowered the cost of our tariff classification processes, systems and staff. Everything we need is there, and we do it right the first time."

    M. Trylinkski, Logistics Manager
    Global electronics manufacturer

  • "It's really upped my tariff classification skills. The way it's structured, you can't help but absorb the principles, the structure, the language..."

    Administrative Assistant
    Miami, Fla

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