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Customs IQ Online: Tariff Content & Function Highlights

Customs IQ provides the information, search and navigation tools you need. In a very attractive package.

Harmonized Tariff Schedules (HTS)

  •   United States Tariff (Imports)
  •   United States Tariff Schedule B (Exports)
  •   Canada Tariff
  •   Mexico Tariff
  •   E.U. Common External Tariff
  •   Tariff schedules for 170 of the major trading countries around the world in the most up-to-date available electronic format, plus the E.U. TARIC and WTO schedules for published countries
  • PLUS 2007 to 2012, and 2011 to 2012 Tariff Correlation Tables

Rulings, Laws, Regulations ...

  • U.S. Rulings (NY & Port and HQ) with advanced search tools accessing more than 155,000 Rulings, 1989 — Present
  • Section, Chapter, and Explanatory Notes
  • U.S. Code Title 19, Regulations, and Federal Register
  • Canada Customs, Tariff and SIMA Acts, D-Memoranda and Customs Notices
  • Case law, trade actions, and Tax rates
  • and more

Powerful Look-Up and Search Engines, Innovative Features, Professional Training Videos

  • HTS Look-up by H.S. Code or partial code
  • HTS Look-up by Keyword or Common Use Language
  • Contextual display of heading, subheading, tariff item and classification number
  • Traditional Book display format as well as modern nested hierarchies
  • Advanced simultaneously search of multiple infobases
  • One-click display of associated Rulings, and Explanatory, Section, and Chapter Notes
  • One-click NTR and preferential duty rates (special trade programs and agreements)
  • Advanced search tools with logical options and keyword highlighting for PDF sources
  • Default country settings and on-screen overrides
  • Full suite of professional training videos

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